Trust God and Not Man

ORLANDO - Greetings to you in the name of Jesus our soon coming King.

I want to talk to you today about believing only in what God the Almighty say and not not what men say or think.

Some of the things men say or think are:

* Base on this report you only have six months or less to live
* You cannot conceive
* It will never happen to you, there is no way out
* Just give up, because you cannot get it right
* You are too young or too old
* It didn't happen to me so it will not happen to you
* You have to sleep around to find your prince or princess
* And these are only a few the list goes on and on

But the great news is that this is NOT TRUE. Only GOD has the destiny planned out for out lives and not man. If God did not have a way out, then he wouldn't allow the problem to fall into our lives.Man has no power, imagine scientist say that men only use 5% of their brains and can do so many intentions. Then imagine our GOD who create them who people say are genius. God can heal that disease, He can restore that marriage which you thought was over, He can save the dying, He can bring back that lost child, He can bring that Dream into a reality, He can take away that debt.

We have to believe that God can do it, He is all powerful, He is almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
No man can do what GOD CAN DO, it is impossible. I remember the doctor telling my sister and her husband that they cannot conceive and they started to give up, they were headed to depression and living in discouragement. But I knew that God had the final say and my mom and I started to tell her how GOD is powerful, My sister would say that and I quote" Didn't you hear what the doctors say, I can't have a child". A couple of months later, she wasn't feeling so well, her body started to change...low and behold she was pregnant...and long story short she has an amazing, beautiful baby girl. Friends, there is power in the mighty name of Jesus.

Don't look at the situation or circumstances that you are going through today, look at your God and what he has done for you in the past, look at what he has done for others and what he can do for you. Nothing is a surprise for God. He is not in heaven wondering how to fix our problems or there saying, it's too late and there is nothing I can do at this time..If you believe this, then you are listening to the devil.
I know that it is not easy, because I too have my share of problems and when I look back and see where God has brought me from and I know by faith He is not through with me yet, he is going to take me to great places.

You have to speak faith in your life, after all the Bible says it is faith that pleases GOD. Don't let the devil deceive to believe his lies. It is never too late with God. He knew our life before we were even conceive, He knew our name before we were ever even thought of, He knows up to very number of hairs on our heads.
He may not come through on our time table but He is always there the BEST TIME. Every trial that are in your life is there to strengthen you and if you look back over your life and see what you have been through I know that you are more stronger now..from that one mistake, from that relationship who you put everything in, from that Job, from that sickness, from that financial difficulty,or that Death of a love one..Nothing is wasted with GOD...why will we not trust Him today. Everything in our life is not by mere luck, it was carefully planned out by the Almighty God.

Sometimes it is only by our problems/trials that we know that He exists so He has to get our attention.But we must know that if we are faithful to Him, If we trust him and obey his words then we will pass through the storms. Many will say all kinds of things to get us down or discourage us, but it our duty to keep the faith that GOD will take us through. No weapon form against us shall harm those who abide in God. Don't look in that direction but trust God and let him lead you.

I am sure that you may have fail before trying to force things to happen, but when God is taking control of your problem then no man can stop your blessing..when growing up I always heard people say oh if you had only been here a little earlier then you could have gotten through, If you had done things this differently, this could have happen. (don't get me wrong, it's good to do things the right way, but I am talking about things in general that they say happen as a result of being lucky or being at the right place at the right time) If that blessings is meant for us you will not have to chase it down, it will chase us down..After all God blessings is not playing hide and seek with us when its our time. NO MAN CAN STOP OR DELAY WHAT GOD HAS PLACED IN OUR PATHS, only you can delay your blessings based on the paths you choose in life or the decisions you make...if you choose God's way you will receive eternal blessings and happiness. But the devil's way is the way to destruction....I hope you trust God and be faithful to Him....All of us have problems but that is not our destiny...make the right choice which is with GOD..all things are may not be easy but it will be well worth it in the end...

I love you and GOD LOVES YOU even give Him a chance, trust Him and not man...