The mystery of the Bethlehem Star and the date of Christ’s birth have been recently revived through the Pope’s book on the birth narratives and his speculation, influenced by Austrian astronomer Ferrari D’Occhieppo’s researches, that Jesus was maybe born in 7 BC.

Many have given up hope the Star mystery can be solved and the Pope doesn’t expect to know the date of Christ’s birth. But pursuing the way opened up by D’Occhieppo it CAN be known and whole mysteries solved. The results are spectacular, relevant to our times and as I indicate in my talk at

involve far more than just identifying a star or a date.

I should perhaps briefly emphasize what the talk omits, namely that despite Matthew’s poetic licence of a star stopping over where Jesus was born, a planet - Jupiter - is implied. The expressions used about the star are consistent with the effect of the apparent retrograde motion of Jupiter and its special acronychal rising.

The reason the mystery has never been solved and I can now claim to have solved and even proved things beyond reasonable doubt, is because Christians don’t want to admit that the astrology some Jews even like to claim Abraham invented was in the equation. It’s not divination, not forbidden and contains Ps 19’s knowledge you are meant to possess. Listen to the talk and discover things you’re supposed to know. If you wonder whatever I’m talking about when I say there was a superconjunction of Jesus’ names and titles at his birth, that his ancestors’ names were in the right place of his birth pattern and much more information like whether or not he married the Magdalene, just suspend disbelief and objections and hear the talk and/or read the book Testament of the Magi (available Amazon).