The “Missing Link” in Preventing Military Suicides Identified

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A 3-Minute Survey May Help Leaders Predict and Prevent Suicides

In the military, leadership is everything. Without strong leaders, the military is weak and ineffective. But leadership may now be strengthened in the military as a tool is being tested that many consider the “missing link” in leaders being equipped to predict problems and help young soldiers deal with life issues that can lead to suicide, such as health, money and relationships.

Real Life Management (RLM) is under contract with the U.S. Army at Ft. Hood, Texas, as the Army begins testing the RLM “3-Minute Survey” in various areas to see how it may help them improve day-to-day leadership skills. RLM hopes that, as progress is made and positive results are seen in the Army, other branches of the military may also consider testing the RLM system.

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