Editors of BlackChristianNews.com Call on Christian Pastors to Speak out on Sandy Hook Tragedy

Residents of Newtown, CT, gather at a local church for a prayer vigil.
Residents of Newtown, CT, gather at a local church for a prayer vigil.

DALLAS - The massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, is one of those painfully tragic situations that impacts the entire nation because it is so unimaginable. We believe that at these times of national tragedy -- such as this massacre in Connecticut; the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado; Hurricane Sandy devastating New York and New Jersey; and the shooting last week in Oregon -- the nation needs to hear from those pastors whom God has blessed with a national platform, not necessarily a prophet, but a pastor who has the heart of a pastor and who knows how to comfort people when these tragedies happen.

In times like these, the men of God who have been gifted to be pastors and who know how to comfort people should not remain silent. We know that you have your own family issues. We know that you carry the burden of hundreds of families in your church congregation. However, whether you want to accept it or not, due to the platform, gifts and charisma that God has blessed you with, you have the responsibility to help encourage people with pastoral Christian love and comfort nationally and worldwide.

If the Lord leads you, BlackChristianNews.com is humbly and respectfully calling on pastors across America whom God has given a national platform to do the following:

(1) Hold a press conference on this tragedy and all other such tragedies in the future with a short statement that offers perspective, context, encouragement and comfort regarding the situation

(2) Offer a sincere heartfelt prayer for the victims' families and for the comfort of the nation at that press conference

(3) As the Lord leads them and in their own way, share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to give the nation and even the victims' families an opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour

(4) if God so leads them, and with the permission and blessings of the local pastors, travel to Connecticut and other such places where tragedy strikes in the future to wrap their loving arms around the victims and to pray with them.