Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson Makes Weekly Video Devotionals

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  • (Photo: Screenshot/I Am Different)
    (Photo: Screenshot/I Am Different)

    Sadie Robertson, Sixteen-year-old Christian from A&E's popular show "Duck Dynasty", is teaching the Bible and spreading God's word on YouTube.

    The high school student from Monroe, Louisiana loves the Lord, not ashamed of the one who saved her soul, is close with her family, and excels in sports – and she also happens to be a reality television star.

    Sadie and her best friend Kolby Koloff are producing weekly video devotionals on Monday nights called "I Am Different." The two teenagers are hoping and praying that the devotions will expand peoples' way of thinking. "

    "The world's view is completely opposite from God's view," said Sadie in Monday's introduction video. She read Romans 12:2 – "Don't copy the behaviors and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect."

    Sadie told TC Magazine that she realizes that God has given her fame in order for her to make a difference for Christ. "When we were little and said our prayers at night, I would always say, 'God, please give me an opportunity to make a difference in this world'."

    The girls plan to release a YouTube video via their Twitter account, @_i_am_different, each Monday.

    (Photo: Screenshot/I Am Different)

    Many viewers commented that they are so proud that young women like the two teenagers are strong in the faith to share the gospel, especially on such a worldy place like YouTube. Many commenters strongly believe that these devotionals and the example the Christian girls are showing will bring so much to this world.

    "You guys are such amazing role models for me and my friends. These are truly amazing videos that are inspiring me? every day with my faith. This show is so awesome and I know it's going to help lots of young girls. It's going to help people of all ages," a viewer called ackenzie Miller said.

    "Even as a 22 year old going through her senior year of college, this is definitely something that I plan on watching every week now. What a great inspiration and good example to set and help motivate me to be different!"  Rebecca LaPorta commented one week ago on YouTube.

    User missmaehem85 shared, "as a 28 year old I am so proud to see young girls like you preaching God's world. We need more teens like you out there, showing the way to the rest of your generation. God bless you both!"

    Do you want to join them in sharing God's love and His message? Leave a comment below.