Did the Candidates Discuss Your Key Issue?

  • Posted by Stepsam
  • iPost asked Christian Post Facebook followers what topics they wanted to the presidential candidates to talk about last night. Here's what they said:

    Homeland and Home Finances. Let Europe, Asia and Africa police themselves. They don't need or want American intervention anyway." - Mike Kane

    The not using our tax dollars to fund abortion clinics on religious grounds." - David Irthum

    So many! Abortion and Obamas [SIC] failed Muslim appeasing foreign policy!His failed economy,war against coal and oil production in America Unemployment the list goes on and on!" -Mary Ready

    Homeland security. I want both to address gun violence and Hate Groups on the left & right." - Johnathan Lee Iverson

    Cybercrime Law" - Zein Nava

    During the 90-minute debate, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama mostly discussed the economy, healthcare and tax reform. Read more about the debate on CP Blog's live blog and Storify timeline